Review of the Samsung 128GB EVO Plus mircoSD Card

Samsung has announced the availability of a version of its SD Memory Cards from their popular Samsung EVO + series, the Samsung 128GB EVO Plus. This MicroSD card takes advantage of the advanced 48-cell V-NAND technology. In this way, we have more capacity and greater performance. The Samsung 128GB EVO Plus has a write speed of up to 90 MB per second. It also has a reading speed of up to 100MB per second.  With 128GB at our disposal, we can record up to twelve hours of video at a resolution of UHD or 33 hours of video in 1080p. Up to over 30,000 photos can be stored without having to change or replace the memory card. The micro SD card of the Samsung EVO + is covered by a guarantee of 10 years by Samsung.

The Samsung 128GB EVO Plus is a synonym of comfort for every user of mobile devices such as digital cameras, smartphones and tablets. Today, memory is never too much, and photos of holidays or social gatherings are no longer stored in albums on the shelf.

Just the right card for all, the Samsung 128GB EVO Plus provides more space and higher speed. With it, you can unload your devices, and use the card with the largest capacity and read speed in its class to write data. Perfect for recording and playing Full HD video, stunning performance and durability … with this great microSD Card, you will not miss anything from the wealth of life.

The Most Important Features

  • 128 GB of data space
  • Read up to 100 MB / s and write up to 90 MB / s
  • UHS-I, Class 10, Grade 3
  • SD Adapter Included
  • Micro SDXC
  • Warranty of 24 months
  • Manufactured by Samsung
  • Instant Write and Read Speeds
  • Durability
  • Practicality
  • Extended Compatibility
  • Live Life to the Fullest

  • Quite Fragile in Handling

Instant Write and Read Speeds

According to the experience gained with Samsung microSD Cards, the attribute of speed is quite impressive. For this, the  Samsung 128GB EVO Plus SD card is not exempted, as it offers a very high writing and reading speed, especially if you want to use it on your smartphone or as a simple USB stick on a USB 3.0 drive.

This microSD Card when connected to a USB 3.0 has the ability to read at more than 90 MB per second, as it should currently be one among the fastest SD card on the market. This makes this card significantly faster than its previous versions, the Evo Plus 32 GB and Evo Plus 64 GB. A similar speed is also suitable for extreme applications, such as real-time recording of 4K video, and it is clearly very good for the needs of smartphones and tablets. It is not only very fast, but it also has great ability to save data.

Also, you can watch Full HD movies without interference. The high reading speed of up to 100 MB / s means that it will take you only 38 seconds to send a 3 GB video to your desired medium. This implies that you can record great, high-quality photos and videos and share them instantly.


The Samsung 128GB EVO Plus has a very successful industrial design and is very durable for all compatible devices. It can withstand up to 24 hours in sea water, and Samsung certifies it for water, temperature, magnetic waves and x-rays. In detail, it is built to survive temperatures from -25 ° C to 85 ° C and can protect users’ photos and videos from potential damage caused by X-ray machines, for example in airports. In addition, it can withstand up to 13 times the power of the speakers of a normal domestic home theatre system.


The Samsung 128GB EVO Plus is a classic SD memory Card which is sold with the Sd Card adapter included in the package, and this makes it very practical to use as an external memory support for computers and other devices that do not support the Micro SD format.

Extended Compatibility

As well as being of high practicality, the Samsung 128GB EVO Plus microSD Card is very convenient, as it is very much compatible with all smartphones that have the input for the Micro SD card. It is also compatible with a wide range of devices, so you can even capture every detail of Full HD videos.

Live Life to the Fullest

If you’re looking for a great 128 GB Micro SD card for a smartphone or tablet, you’ve probably found it. This is quite true because the Samsung 128GB EVO Plus has features that make it almost perfect even for professional cameras and drones that produce 4K movies.

With this microSD Card, you would never worry again that you will run out of space. The 128 GB memory will hold up to 12 hours of Full HD video, 33 hours of HD video or even 30,000 photos. So enjoy what life offers and keep this as a great asset.

Quite Fragile in Handling

Just like most microSD cards, the Samsung 128GB EVO Plus is delicate and subject to breaking or loss of stored data, especially when used in faulty smartphones.


In conclusion, the choice of the  Samsung 128GB EVO Plus microSD Card is a substantial step forward, and with significant improvements over the previous generation, this renewed microSD card is better than ever, delivering a new level of high capacity with great performance at a great price.

For those who have a smartphone or tablet, the  Samsung 128GB EVO Plus microSD Card has the ability to provide a good amount of space to save data. There are other 128GB SD cards on the market, but none are great as the  Samsung 128GB EVO Plus microSD Card.

Furthermore, many of the international journalists who have submitted in-depth reviews of the  Samsung 128GB EVO Plus microSD Card define it as the best Micro SD card available, especially suitable for smartphone and tablet users who want to expand their 64 GB memory without spending a fortune, and also for advanced users who want above-average performance.

In summary, the  Samsung 128GB EVO Plus microSD Card is strongly recommended for those looking for storage space, reliable performance and excellent value for money..

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