Future Technology In 2030 Is a Huge Development

In today’s world, there isn’t a single person that is not familiar with the word technology. Technology has grasped our hands. It has blocked our minds in such a way that it seems almost impossible to get out of its trap. We aren’t saying that technology is something we shouldn’t be using. But surely one cannot deny the fact that we are TRAPPED by technology.

Future Technology Predictions 2030

The future technology in 2030 will in a way handicap us, humans, to the extent that even white-collar jobs will be done by robots, that we won’t even need to hold mobile phones physically in our hands or even drive cars on our own.

A lot of times millions of products are manufactured in different laboratories around the world, but not many of these products are able to make it to consumer market. But till the year 2030, the future of mobile technology and technology devices a lot of devices that we have never even heard of are predicted to be released. These technology predictions in 2030 will blow your mind away. Yes, you read it right! Here in this article you will be able to learn all about it.

Future Mobile Technology 2030

Mobile phones are something that has us hooked to itself. Our day starts off by checking our phones and our day ends by checking our phones. When back in the days we would use mobile phones only to make calls. In present times we use mobile phones to check emails, make calls, send SMS. Just one click and the google maps is there to help us find the right direction towards our destination. Not only this but we use mobile phones to listen to songs, watch movies, even read books and order food online.

If someone would have told me back in the 90’s that in the next 20 or maybe 30 years mobile phone will look how they look right now, I would have called you crazy. Now don’t get me wrong here, back then all of this was only science fiction to all of us. But now that we’ve seen a revolutionary change in the world of mobile phones, we’re off to think what will happen to it in the next 20 or maybe 30 years.

One of the technological advancements that are predicted to happen in the year 2030 is the Implanted Mobile Phones. Now you must be thinking what implanted mobile phones are, to clear it out, yes you read it right. Implanted Mobile Phones is what were talking about right now. By the year 2030 if you tell someone that you own a mobile phone, people will probably mock you.

The reason being that in the next 10 years, we will be able to have mobile phones implanted in our brains, arms or even in your hands. This might seem a little scary, but if you think about it is the most logical next step to take. We already have technology embedded in our watches, clothes and shoes so this shouldn’t come off as a shock. Also knowing that this technology can help us in the medical field in more ways than we can even think of.

Other future Technology Devices in 2030

Other than advancements in mobile phones, the world of technology is making many more advancements too. Other future technology devices in 2030 also include Flying cars, 3D printers and Smart Clothes. According to the technology predictions 2030, these devices will change the way we live.

Flying Cars:

In the next few years, we probably wont even need to drive cars on our own, or maybe cars wont even travel on the road anymore. Rather we will find cars flying over our heads. NEC Corp, the Japanese company seems to be the first one to present a live model of the flying cars. In August 2019, the company showed their car, not flying but hovering for more than a minute, almost 10 meters above the ground.

3D Printers:

3D printers have been in the consumer market since the late 20th century. But a lot of people didn’t know about it for the longest time. But one of the technology predictions 2030 also include 3D printing as Bioprinting. Bioprinting refers to the 3D printers which deposit different layers to build structures of the human body, like bones, corneas and even skins.

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