Just like every time, this time too Audi is back with yet another amazing production. The Audi e-tron, built in the Brussels, in the same plant in which the A1 used to get assembled.

The German automobile, Audi, revealed the stylish Audi e-tron in the 2019 LA Auto Show not only this but the company also informed the costumers about the SUV coming to Europe in the first half of 2020.

The Audi e-tron is a very conventional battery-powered mixture of the company’s challenging engineering and its advanced and modern mannerism, and this one of the many things that has helped the car to stand out in the market and to make itself noticeable.

Engine, Handling, and Ride!

The Audi e-tron has a 95.0 kWh lithium-ion battery which charges not one but two electric motors; one of which is located at the rear axle, while one is located at the front axle.

The high-level edition of the new premium EV is to offer up to 227 miles of range (446 kilometers) and is fitted by dual electric motors containing a total power output of 265kW, 414 lb.-ft of torque, a 350 horsepower. This might be a slightly less powerful version of the Sportback with a smaller battery.

According to a lot of professional drivers who have tried the Audi e-tron on the tracks, the car is very smooth, nimble and speedy. The crisp sound of the acceleration sends shivers of satisfaction down the spine of the driver while the quiet and composed drive quality is claimed to make the driver and the rider believe the luxury of the vehicle. Its braking system is so perfect that the SUV not only has its traditional brakes but also has the obligatory regenerative brakes.

The Audi e-tron’s EPA-rated driving range is about 204 miles, which is less than the Jaguar I-Pace 234 miles or even the Tesla Model X Long Range 295 miles.

This SUV is cheaper than Tesla Model X

If we compare the prices of Tesla model X and Audi e-tron , we clearly get to know that the price of the Audi e-tron will be more affordable than the Tesla model X Long Range, which was priced at $89,500 while the Audi e-tron will start at around $75,775, including the $975 of the delivery charges.

Audi did give us a beautiful interior

Just like the engine of the car, the interior of the car is similarly breathtaking. The five seated car consists of an interior filled with all sorts of technology from its dashboard being packed with visually high-resolution monitors which include Audi’s famous “digital gauge cluster” also called as the “Virtual Cockpit”. Two of these screens are in the center console, one is a full width dash screen for Audi’s peerless Virtual Cockpit, and the other two more are on the doors either side.

Obviously, there also are various comfortable and deluxe options that more over accumulate the e-tron’s mature interior, this is also benefited by the neatly placed battery package on the flat floor.

There is also a pattern of sensors and cameras which support the available self-determining drive modes for example, the adaptive cruise control and the self-parking assist.

There also are some other key equipment such as the LED headlights, adaptive air suspension, key-less and charging points on both sides of the vehicle and 360-degree cameras, while there are also other options which include, the car having side cameras too instead of mirrors.

The drive of the SUV is very comfortable, with super comfortable seats and an unbeatable quality. What can you say, it is an Audi after all! The menu system is quite logical, there won’t be a single time when the e-tron will be bombarding you with different charts and data and graphs.

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