What is 5G?

Until now we’ve all heard about the 3G or maximum the 4G data services. But now with the evolution in technology and the new age world? A new service is also coming up which is called the 5 Data Network. But what 5G really is?

Well in this article you’ll b able to resolve all the trillion questions jumping in your mind right now.

5G is an expression which is used for describing the new generation of mobile networks which is indeed beyond the LTE mobile network.

When will 5G be available?

There are at least four different major mobile phone carrier companies in the United States of America named as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon which claim that they have concrete plans of introducing the 5G mobile networks in the Year 2019. T-Mobile promises to be introducing the 5G data network in the states by December 6’19.

Not only this but the AT&T even says to have started their trials with the 5G Mobile Hotspots in 12 cities in the States. While the Verizon has been advertising a 5G home network in various states of America, but the Verizon’s offering does not range up as what the standard bodies have been defining 5G as.

International Telecommunications Union

The International Telecommunications Union also called as (ITU) has released many reports regarding the standard of the 5G Network. These reports refer to the 5G Data Network standards as the International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) – 2020 network.

Speed of the 5G Data

According to the International Telecommunications Union guidelines the 5G network should have speeds of a peak data rate of at least 10 Gb/s for uplink and 20 Gb/s for the downlink. The abeyance of a 5G data network can get as low as 1 millisecond in all the Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication scenarios. By this not only will people be connected to each other in a much more efficient manner but automobiles and machines, public safety and city infrastructure and more will be able to do so too.

The 5ag network are designed in such a way that they have the ability to have always capabilities and they also aim to be energy efficient; this will be done by minimizing how much power a single modem consumes, this will be based on the number of users using it.

Is there any competition between 5G and 4G?

Now after everything that you have read in this article you must be wondering why you should shift from 4G to 5G once the 5G devices are available in the market for you to use.

Now, firstly one thing that is very important is that you will be able to do everything that you do today, but in a much faster and efficient manner with more reliability. In Australia, the 4G network in recent days is very crowded. All the mobile network companies are competing for the bandwidth, resulting in the network to slow down.

While the 5G may endure the capacity of handling up to more than a million devices per square kilometre³. With the 5G network you will not have to be worried about how many devices are connected to your network or even worrying about the connection being dropped. Yes, this exactly how reliable the 5G network is.

While all of this is really tempting to know and I’m sure you can’t wait to use the network, but it’s better not to expect any revolutionary changes in the 4G to 5G jump (in the start). But what is for sure is the reliability in terms of the speed and better connections.

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