10 New Technologies That will Trends and Become Mainstream by 2020

10 New Technologies That will Trends and Become Mainstream by 2020

If you are keen with changes in the tech domain, you will notice that there are some technology trends that disappear over time. On the other hand, there are some that stay on the sidelines and then gain some momentum and traction after it either gets a major funding or a major industry decides to integrate it in their production process.

We can agree to the fact that there are many of such technologies that have already made a prominent mark this 2018. Some of these technologies are only a few more applications and integration into systems away from becoming mainstream. This list is made up of the ones that we have identified as the 10 new technologies that would become trending by the year 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence over the years has been gaining grounds and taking its place in the list of top technology trends. There are some Computers now capable of learning about the world just as we humans dedicate time to. There has also been evidences that AI capabilities has been possible because of the tremendous increase in computing power and data. AI has been able to gain more grounds over the years because of the significant amount of date we now collect. The more data AI experts collect the more advanced it becomes.  We are sure that the speed at which AI is growing and gaining grounds will prepare it to undertake and replace more human tasks by 2020.

Voice and Speech Recognition

One can begin to say that the future belongs to Voice technologies. Gone are those days when it was impossible to speak to your devices. Now you can speak to your device and watch it speak back to you. Technologies like Alexa and Siri have already given to us a glimpse of the power of voice recognition in carring out your everyday tasks. The applications are still very limited but we can see that the future holds a great dependence on voice technologies. From these analyses we can put Voice based applications in the list of Future Technology in 2020 that will trends.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Chatbots are beginning to enter the market but we project that in a year or two they would have reached their market potential. There are many businesses and companies employing NLP to redefine their customer engagement policies. We can say that by 2020, chatbots would reach a more advanced level with the integration of NLP.


The rapid rate at which Blockchain is growing has placed it in our list of top Emerging Technologies trends 2020. We say without doubt that Blockchain technology is definitely here to stay. Despite the fact that just a few industries have adopted this technology we foresee that by 2020 the world will see its mass adoption.

Internet of Things

Let us watch out for IoT. It has been finding itself in the list of upcoming technologies to look out for, for a few years now. While there a number of statistics that try to prove how massive IoT is going to be in 2020, the future presents many different stories for IoT altogether. We can Pretty much say everything would be smart in the coming years. While still just a handful of things integrated into the internet, it is projected that by the year 2020, one quarter of billion cares will get hooked together by the internet.

Edge Computing

One of the least talked about yet fast-growing technologies is Edge Computing. It will take the center stage the day when IoT finally becomes a mainstream technology. While some businesses are presently working comfortably in their Cloud system setup, we are very sure that things are going to change pretty soon. In 2020, we are expecting to witness an increase in the attention being paid to edge computing for enabling intelligent networks. Hence making it one of the New Technology in 2020. This will result in the fact that the connected devices will be performing the necessary analytics right at the locations. They would then use the results for performing the specific actions required.

Prescriptive Analysis

Considering the fact that this present time is that of predictive analysis with software giving out signals on the basis of users’ behavior and past interaction. We are sure that in the time coming the plethora of collected user data will help businesses in a much more effective way. By the year 2020, coupled with giving businesses the data related to how users would react, we can say that technology will also guide them on how they should act when the user behaves a certain way.

5G Internet Network

By the time the year 2020 comes, the world would have been under the spell of very fast internet connection. This will come will all the benefits that accompany it. Just to give you glimpse of how fast 5g would be. If it is predicted that it will take 26 hours for a movie to download in a 3G network internet connection, the same movie will in 5G internet network connection take 3.6 seconds to download the complete movie.

Facial Recognition

Your face will become the key into almost everything by 2020. Facial recognition is a technology which is growing at a very fast rate.it has already begun integration into some systems and industries already.

From the present application where it gives you the ability to unlock your phone just by looking at it, you will soon be also able to unlock your house office and car with just your face. All these would be connected and powered by the internet.


Slowing gaining momentum, automation has gradually moved ahead from its involvement just in the production lines to almost every area of life. We are sure that there will be more advanced ways stuff will be automated by the year 2020.

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